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Videos and  Media

Keynote - (Keynote starts at 19:47) - Dr. Seth Asumah - 2024 The Association of Critical Heritage Studies(ACHS) 7th Biennial Conference, National University of Ireland - Galway Ireland, June 2024 -
Keynote - Student Diversity & Leadership Conference 2024, Center for Racial Justice and Inclusive Excellence, SUNY Oneonta, Published March 23rd, 2024
Keynote - Univesity of Calabar, Nigeria, NYASA Conference - Decolonizing Global Hegemonies June 2023
The 9th Annual Watertown Juneteenth,  Saturday, 18 June 2022. SUNY Professor, Dr. Seth Asumah delivered a talk entitled, "Who We Are". Video by Ms. Margaret Taylor
SUNY Distinguished Academy - ​A DISCUSSION ON RACE IN EDUCATION, "Diversity, Social Justice, Critical Race Theory and the Academy" Published April 2022

 Prof. Seth N. Asumah - EFFECTIVE MOBILIZATION FOR SUCCESS - Pan African Youth Conference 
Published November 28th, 2021

International Invitation, Africa T.V., Hamburg, Germany. Panel on “G 20 and the African Union’s Efforts for Agenda 2063”   Published May 27, 2017
Published April 2017, Hudson Valley Community College
Topic:  Progress and Pitfalls "Power of SUNY"
SUNY Scholars Panel Discussion and Edu Drama

Published on Jun 25, 2015

University of  Ghana, Legon: Race, Immigration Reform and Heteropatriarchal Masculinity:   Reframing the Obama Presidency

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